The Man Who Wanted To Kill The Pope

This graphic novel is based on the historically true life of Bruno Cornacchiola, an avowed enemy of the Catholic Church,who took an oath to kill Pope Pius XII.

Bruno and his three children have witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God in the grotto at the " Tre Fontane", a location in Rome.

The Blessed Mother identified herself to him as the

"Virgin of the Revelation"

These events took place on April 12, 1947 and were rigorously investigated by the civil authorities and the Vatican at the time and have been found authentic and true. Bruno was instantly converted and became a true soldier of Christ attesting to His truth and dedicating his life to preaching the faith.

 All the events relating to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her interaction with Bruno are related verbatim here.

The various stages of Bruno's life, up to the point when he witnessed the apparition, have been loosely depicted with various situations and characters added for dramatic effects.

 ISBN: 9798576778768



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Marian Appartitions, Our Lady of the Revelation , Bruno Cornacchiola, Pope Pius XII, Miracle of the sun, Tre Fontane.