Graphic Novels By

Joe Wayne

# Amarla Dane strands of destiny

In 4 volumes

# Amarla Dane Queen Of The Aliens

# A birthday Adventure

# Deadly Reflections

# The Man Who Wanted To Kill The Pope

# The Secret Life Of  Lorna Lombardi

# Dawn of the Novo Sapiens

Lorna Lombardi, first matriarch of the AI androids

# Birdie and Scrawny, A tragic Tale

These graphic novels are professionally created by Joe Wayne.

The stories, the graphics, the artwork, all the computer layouts and print design are painstakingly done by himself!  A unique semi-realistic style is applied right through the whole volume of works, thus insuring unity and solidifying his visual style. 

Published by Joe Wayne in a premium colour print letter size "11 X 8.5 inches" also in digital format and available from