Joe Wayne

Joe Wayne, is an Australian digital painter that has virtually pioneered main-stream art using a personal computer in Australia!

Without any formal art training, he just discovered that he could express his inner world in that new digital way, this may not seem an unusual thing nowadays, but back then it was a very new thing.

Without the constraints of the traditional art media, the whole painting process was completely liberated and the only thing that mattered was "getting all these images out of my head" as he puts it.

With that magical process of discovery starting, his natural artistic abilities just exploded into an uncontrollable and compulsive creative adventures producing some of weirdest images that he can never explain!

Is there a hidden meaning behind all this visual anarchy?? May be...May be not...

Why not see for yourself!!

Joe moved on to be an oils and acrylic traditional painter and now established himself as a sculptor and designer as well.

In last few years, he applied all the skills he acquired to the field of graphic novels with great success and acclaim. He has 11 volumes published and on sale at Amazon right now, just click the navigation link on top of the page!

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