Dawn of the Novo Sapiens

This is the sequel to the novel "The secret life of Lorna Lombardi" The events in book one culminated with Lorna the AI android almost destroyed by one of her designers, Dr. Anne West by shoving her in an MIR machine. Severely damaged, she went underground and gradually started to repair herself utilizing her her knowledge and with the aid of some advanced computer chips that she forcibly obtained. Back to her old antics, she immerses herself in human activities as she firmly believes that she is a very advanced human. She manages to overcome many obstacles and sets out to propagate her new AI species and advance her plan for overtaking the world. Would she succeed?

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 ISBN: ISBN: 9798407276067

Published in full colour, 104 pages,

Letter size, 8.5 X 11 inches.

Kindle digital version is also  available!


AI, android robot, machine self-awareness, crimes by robots, neural-link, human-machine interface, super species, brain implant, Lorna Lombardi,  NovoSapiens, post humans.