Birdie &  Scrawny
A Tragic  Tale

Birdie and Scrawny... a tragic tale!

This is the sad story of two kids, a brother and sister, Birdie and Donny. Donny was so skinny and was nicknamed scrawny for his emaciated looks, Birdie on the other hand was so nicknamed for her petite looks and elegance as a talented child and a ballet student. Her real name was Brenda, which she hated.

They were raised in a rotten environment and were orphaned early in life. They were put under the guardianship of their unloving aunt and her criminal partner, they used them as virtual domestics. Birdie was sexually abused and was eventually raped by her aunt's partner. He continued to do so at every opportunity while their aunt turned a blind eye as if nothing was happening.

Enough was enough though, they decided to run away.

Out on the mean streets they got mixed up with an organized gang of similar children under a charismatic leader who was herself a runaway and a street-kid. Sooner or later they fell foul of the law and were caught-up in the juvenile justice system. Birdie was incarcerated with other young offenders and eventually sold into sexual slavery by the jail's governess. Scrawny was returned to his aunt and got involved in the drugs distribution for his aunt's partner. Under the influence of a girlfriend, he drifted into the poker and gambling scene, but never had any success in winning a jackpot. Their lives took separate roads for some years but when they finally reunited, it took a very sad and tragic course.

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# Runaway kids # Street-kids life # Juvenile offenders # Child abuse by guardians

# Sexual slavery # Poker gambling