James Crane, a short biography...

Crystallized and penned by Joe Wayne from interviews and discussions with the artist. (c)

   Art has always been an integral part of my life and my life has always been an integral part of my art!
Growing up in north Queensland, I had a naturalistic "bush" up-bringing  which shaped the way I interact with my environment and consequently, the natural beauty and the sheer magic of the Australian bush has seeped into and integrated with my art.
As a child, I found solace and refuge in art and used to draw for hours on end, that helped me develop a strong affinity for the line and the curve, a scribbling or a doodling became a micro cosmos, some how I could see images spring into life from all the, seemingly meaningless, jungle of lines on the page, there were also lots of other nice coloured drawings.
I have studied visual art on and off, and as I progressed in the formal knowledge, I still had that powerful yearning for my childhood's "my way of doing things" which embodied simplicity and natural progressive treatment of my work with no artifice or contrivance.
Some years back, I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and my life "as you would imagine" has never been the same again.  Such mental condition alters all reality, and  the perception of every day's occurrences become so blurred, the boundaries between the imagination, the sub-conscience and the factual just melt away with devastating results.
While battling the demons of my illness, I have found that old friend that I always have always fallen on, art, to be an effective "one more therapy" in my day today fight to claw some "normality" and to carry on living, but even my art has radically changed...All is not lost however!
My drawings have become, suddenly, much deeper and much more spiritual...and a picture is a picture no more, my paintings magically mirrored my turbulent inner world, transferring my experiences into an unbelievable meditative journey that often takes me to the outer limits of the universe. My former love of the natural world still comes through in my art, albeit, in various different forms metamorphing within and interweaving the darkness that is embodying my anxiety and transferring it to the canvas, drawing out all that is in the troubled mind...it is a most powerful catharsis.
While my condition has improved, my art- experience has continued to deepen and now, the spirituality in it plays a major role of my life more than ever and has become a sacred connection with others at large, enriching my life and theirs on our winding path to healing.... 

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